Sunday, 20 November 2016

Cornwall St Michaels mount and Bedruthan Sunset 25 th May 2016

This morning we are heading to the south cornish coast to St Michaels mount., its looking sunny for most part with increasing cloud,  but who believes the forecast anyhow  .

The Causeway , which is covered by the sea at high tide.

Across the laws to go into the gardens, which have been constructed on the steep rock cliffs below the castle

The plants are all sub tropical, not frost hardy so the good drainage is vital and there are no frosts here being surrounded by water.

                                        HDR image of the castle and gardens below :)

                                                  Now a selection of images from the garden.

                Now time to leave , we are heading to NT Trengwainton Gardens near Penzance .

                                                        The tree ferns are amazing!!!!!!!

                                                  Azalias still in flower at end of May!

                                            The Hollywell Horrors look bored   haha

 We have now driven back to Bedruthan Steps for sunset ,i was hoping the sea would have been further out to shoot from the beach , but its still right up to the base of the steps :(   So i have set up on at point with loads of flower for foreground interest.

             Big stopper has lengthened the exposure to smooth out the sea .  10 seconds at f16

 It appears there is not going to be a good sunset tonight ,  i think i will go down the steps and shoot some long exposure images after the sun has dropped below the horizon.

 I am half way down the steps and have a nice composition , this is a 2 frame merged image . 30 seconds for the sea, and 13 seconds for the sky.

                                                   The "Blue Hour"    after sundown
                                         2 frames   61 seconds and 15 seconds merged.

                                                     the end of a superb day in Cornwall.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday day 2 May 23 2016

This morning we are going to see Wheal Coates mine which is near St Agnes.  after a late breakfast we are on the road, down the narrow coastal road!  

               Its a beautiful blue sky warm sunny day , which is not good for taking photographs !

                                                       Mollster is looking out to sea :)

Time to head to Godrevy now.............................

 Jan has caught a really bad cold and she is not feeling up to walking around here , so i take my camera and go for a walk , the flowers on the cliff side are looking great in the sun :)

                                            a long exposure to smooth out the sea movement.


                                              Stunning coastline all around Cornwall

                                                     Mollster looking beautiful

                                                 Another long exposure image.

                                       This wall is covered in flowers , Amazing to see .

 I have rushed down to Holywell but Just missed the sunset , i managed this one image and the colour was gone!    Bummer!

                                                                      Gull rock sunset.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Cornwall Holiday May 2016 day 1

Arriving in Cornwall at our usual caravan site at Cubert near Newquay/Holywell bay    We set up then drive down to Holywell to give the Holywell Horrors a run on the beach as they have been stuck in the car for 6 & half hours ..

                                                            Gull Rock is a great landmark!

Jan looks very Happy 


 After dinner we have decided to go to Bedruthan Steps for the evening ,  im not sure if we can get down onto the beach as the tide might be still too high.            After walking down to the cliff edge it is clear we are NOT going to get down onto the beach!      But its a lovley walk along the cliff tops anyhow with the flowers open , We have always been here later in the summer and therefor  have not seen them so will make for some great images.

        The sun is low now giving nice long shadows, a long exposure smooths out the water .

                                               80 seconds  f14 with big stopper nd filter

 There are some big waves crashing onto the rocks , along exposure smoothes out the spray over the rocks.

                400mm lens image with a fast  1/500 th shutterspeed to freeze the water movement.

        The setting sun has reflected onto the spray thrown up as the waves crash against the rocks.

                                                Fast shutterspeed 400mm lens image

      Now for sunset , to get the flowers with nice warm light and a long exposure on the water :)
                 2 frames merged, 46 seconds for foreground and 50 seconds for sky and water.

                                     5dsr & 17-40 L   with Lee little stopper and 0.6 nd grad

Tomorrow we are going to some where different   lol ....................