Sunday, 19 March 2017

Autumn in the Lakes November 2016

Catching up with a few Autumn colour images from last November . One of only a few shoots i managed for the autumn colours last year.
 First stop of the day was to Ambleside to walk up to Stock Ghyl falls,   here are a few images frome the bottom set of falls ,  all using Lee Big stopper , 10 stop nd filter.

Then i moved on to Thirlmere for a walk around the lake shore............

 A walk up to Raven Crag , and this view looking behind me ............

                                            Looking down on the Dam from Raven Crag.

                  Tarn Hows with the last rays of the setting sun lighting up the reflections .

           Looking towards Coniston , the dark clouds and setting sun lighting them up dramatically .
                                                          Last image of the day.

All images shot with Canon 5dsr , 17-40L   100-400mm L

Monday, 27 February 2017

Dorset september 2016 Swanage,Peviril point,Durdle door

Walking around the headland from Kimmeridge bay,   its very windy but warm and sunny.  the coastline is amazing along here.

                                                          Zooming in with long lens.

                                                 Looking back towards Kimmeridge bay

                                Stunning cliffs!   6 frame vertical image panorama

Its early evening and i have decided to climb up the headland to look down on Durdle door for sunset.  its a steep climb up towards Bat head onto the top of Swyre Head.     the golden light is really nice , but it is very windy up here and I'm struggling to get sharp images even on the tripod!!

The following morning , our last day we have driven to Swanage ,  and a walk onto the pier and a look at the old pier structure which i want to do a long exposure image.     its drizzling and quite dull overcast but i managed this 30 second exposure with Lee Big stopper nd filter.

After lunch we have walked around to Peveril Point

                   This is my favourite composition  , 47 seconds with big stopper 10 stop nd filter.

 The final evening at Durdle Door ,  and what a sunset !     as the sun just about on horizon it lit up the entire beach with warm orange light ,   never seen such a strong light like this before . even with nd grad filters  i couldn't prevent the lens flare but quite like the effect .

 and then i have walked over to Man-o-war Bay after the sun has gone down and managed this image , it was quite dark by this time but still showed some colour.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Dorset Holiday pt2 Bat Head Portland Bill

I have actually got up early for once to catch a sunrise ,  Yes  i have !      shock horror......................
On Durdle Door beach the clear sky is not good , but behind me the beautiful soft colours are fabulous .

                                                            Bat Head sunrise  1 second

                                        Lovely glow on the water in this image .  0.8 seconds

           Later in the day we have travelled to Portland bill , to the lighthouse and Pulpit Rock.

                                  Jan and the Terrible Twosome are watching me shooting .

                              Pulpit Rock while waiting for sunset .    long exposure 99 seconds

                 Sunset time , starnge sky tonight , but got colour on the low rock in the foreground .

                                            5 frames merged   5 seconds up to 25 seconds


                                                                        After Sundown
                                                                           25 seconds 

                                                                           25 seconds

                                                       and lastly Portland Bill lighthouse

                                                                          8 seconds

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Durdle Door September 2016 pt 1

Catching up on a few images from last year , we stayed at the Durdle Door caravan site.

                                          Durdle Door from the beach , long exposure

                                                                   "Man - o - War" bay

                                  Getting dark now , so quite long exposures  , 2 minutes

                                     Close up of the rocks , it was quite dark at this point.

                                         The following day we went to Old Harrys Rocks

                    A long exposure of 30 seconds with Lee Big stopper  to give cloud movement.  

Durleston Country park and i only managed to find one wasp spider , it was quite breezy so most images were slightly soft ,   note to self -  use 5d2 next time instead of 5dsr!

                                                  9 frames focus stacked , hand held

                                             "Man - 0 - War" bay  with the Terrible Twosome

                                              The Door nearing sunset long exposure

Looking towards Bat Head at sunset

             Sunset , but it faded very quickly before could get any decent exposures after sundown